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Howdy, I'm Hillary! :) I am constantly taken in by beautifully deep or just amazingly unique photography and quotes. A few things about me; I am now 23, I'm a twin, I'm in Love with every aspect of Love, Obsessed with the color Lime Green and Anything that's shiny or glittery, I'm an animal lover and music is my absolute passion! I can be a good girl or a bad one, and i play both very well! I'm witty, open, random and always nice but extremely shy at first. I love helping others with problems but can never take my own advice! please feel free to leave me a message and follow me!! Lots of love. ♥

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I will ALWAYS reblog this. Not because I don’t appreciate my first love, simply because there is nothing more amazing then someone making you fall in love when you stopped thinking love was possible.


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True love❤️

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